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I just bought a set of Maxxis Minion Super Tacky Tires 26/2.5, Specifically the DHF/DHR tires.

I also bought the STANS Tubeless sealant kit, however I did not notice and purchased the Stan's DH kit with the wider tape strips, so I THINK I need to return it to get the proper FreeRide or Standard size kit.

That being said, I am riding some DH this weekend and want to run the tires..... can i just run standard Tubes in the Maxxis Mininon tires this weekend? This may sound like a dumb question and if it is I apologize for not knowing but the reason I ask is because they sell Maxxis DH and Free Ride Tubes also.... so do I NEED those or can I just run my current tubes i'm running in my Michelin Grip R's? I thought it was ok, but figured I should double check they accept the same tubes, this is my first set of Minions. If I need to order tubes I need to do it today so I figured i'd check with the forum experts. But was not sure if those tubes are just thicker and recommended but not necessarily needed.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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