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Quick question for a newbee

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Once a good frame gets broken, is it trash or can you weld it back together and it be fine..???
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It depends.....

On several variables. What material the frame is made of, the nature of the damage, etc.
I only have experience repairing steel frames, though I have seen titanium, aluminum, and carbon frames repaired(saw an Airborne Lucky Strike bottom bracket welded back together on Sunday). There are a few guys around that specialize in this type of work. Franklin Frame is one( It would likely be beneficial to contact someone like that to get advice(it is what I do for the really tricky stuff). On that note, I was given an ancient Falcon tonight with a snapped HT/DT lug. I will be restoring it over the next couple of weeks.
The frames are aluminum, one is broken on the top horizontal bar about an inch away from the handle bar the other is broken beneath the seat (the frame is full suspension)
Larry, if you don't really want to give any frame details/photos, don't expect a detailed answer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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