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Quick Poll: Part it out or Sell Complete CX?

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Credit card, x-mas & house bills forcing immediate thinning of the heard. So the bike that gets ridden the least goes first. Probably make more coin on it parted out & shipped to the ends of the earth but I spent so much time & money building it up that it hurts to part it out. The other thought in my head is well it's gonna be gone anyway, so max the $ out.

It's a original 6061 orange Kona Jake the snake, project 2 fork, cane creek s5 headset, Rolf vector wheels, ultegra sti levers-bb & cranks 3x9, xt rear der DA chain, SRP "the brake" cantis, wtb rubber, SDG ventura ti saddle, kore lite post, , LX 11-32, ttt forma drops, ringle peace hangers, profile tape, salsa moto stem
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