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Alright, so I remember the days when everything had 26in wheels and 40mm fork offsets. These days are long gone, and I am trying to wrap my head around things.

I am getting a new fork, and it is a Manitou Mattoc. Convertible between 26in and 27.5in versions, however I have to choose which offset I want.

The 26in model has a 41mm offset, the 27.5in has a 44mm offset.

545axle to crown in my 160mm travel mode. I will be running in 26inX2.4 front tire for now, and 27.5in the next 1-2 years once I can afford a new frame and wheels.

Titus El Guapo with either a 68 or 67 degree head angle (debating on this as well).

It seems like no matter what offset I get, I still fall between the 80-90 "trail" calculation, since 3mm is pretty minimal.

Anyone have any input or suggestions here? Will I really notice the difference in this setup? Probably leaning towards just getting the 44mm offset.
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