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Quick check: G2 Kona Process 153 BB died, is this the right replacement?

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Forgive me wanting to double check something here. I'm still kind of new to bikes, and the BB is one of the areas I haven't had to pay attention to, until today :).

I went out into the garage tonight to measure something, and happened to walk past the bike on the stand, and gave the crank a spin... just... because I guess (you know how it goes :D).

To my surprise, the cranks had a fair bit of resistance. I spun the rear wheel by hand, and it rolled fine. Spun the cranks without the chain on it... and felt a bunch of resistance. I ended up pulling out the cranks, and found that one of the bearings (NDS) wasn't spinning anymore. I have my buddies BB tool on hand right now, so I ended up punching out the BB. It was a basic shimano one, with the nylon cups (when I popped them out, one of the cups crumbled).

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The bike is a 2018 Kona Process 153 29'er... the very base model, and I've ridden it for 3 years now. The spec sheet says that the BB is a shimano BB92, and the cranks are RaceFace Aeffect's with a 24mm spindle. I measured the BB on the bike, and can confirm that the BB shell is 92mm wide across, and the BB diameter is 41mm (well, one was 40.99mm).

Which after checking around a bit, it seems that I need a pressfit BB92 that accepts a 24mm spindle.

The Bike: KONA BIKES 2018 | MTB | PROCESS | Process 153 AL 29 (

The BB I think I need: Shimano BB-MT800 Pressfit Bottom Bracket | Jenson USA

Am I on the right track? Just wanted to double check before I threw stuff in the cart and ordered it :).

Thanks for the help :).
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Yes, Shimano PF92.

You will also need a bearing press to install it. Something like this.,aps,89&sr=8-1
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