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Quick ? about older Deore LX shifter compatability

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First ever post so please bear with me:

I have a 1994 GT Tequesta with 7 speed Deore LX shifters and derailers. The left shifter is broken and only shits through 2 gears. I need a cheap replacement and was wondering if newer 8 and 9 speed LEFT shifters will work.

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First off Welcome to MTBR
so this is the shifter for the front derailleur?
if so i beleive so (maybe someone else can pipe in here), the best possible option these days seems to be a Sram twist grip
As long as it is the front derailleur you should be able to go to your LBShop & pick up a cheap LX or XT shifter that someone decided wasnt good enough for there new bike. Dont want to knock DMR but personaly i prefer levers over twist. It wouldnt hurt to look into twist shifters you might like the change!
You sure it's not salvageable? Describe more about what's going on with the shifter? You've readjusted the cable? Is the cage bent? Did the fd move on the seattube? They're pretty hard to mess up and would be easier to make what you've got work. I don't think you'd have any problem with a newer shifter if you need to go that route.
8 speed will work

the rear gear spacing on an 8 speed is the same as 7, shimano just increased the cassette width. you will need to isolate the 8th gear using the derailure limit screw then you should have 7 speeds at the handle bar. good luck.
First off, thanks for the replies.

Yes - this is the shifter for the front derailer. I'm not sure what's going on but I tried to adjust it and even took it apart a few years ago. I think I remeber that one of the teeth was stripped and that's why it only has 2 detents. Now that I am riding more, I need a full 21 speeds instead of only 14!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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