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Questions on Shimano Hose

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Recently working on a Shimano Zee Than a few weeks later on a Deore i noticed this golden mark that were only on the rear hose...........about 15mm from the olive

Was wondering what it is ??

And on Some shimanos i experienced a glue like thing with greyish color that is used on the place the hose attaches to the lever

Wondering what this is also..............
Any ideas ???? thank you very much
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I believe that mark indicates how deep the brake hose enters the lever/master cylinder.
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The gold bar is a witness mark for assembly on 'j-kit' brakes. It tells you that you have inserted the hose as far as necessary to have it seated against the lever body, and can safely tighten the compression nut.

The grey stuff is thread sealant. It is applied to the compression nut in some production facilities, and goes along with the above system. It is not required, nor present on all j-kit brakes.
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