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I've never had to break in a new fork / shock and I've got a fox TALAS RL w/ pro pedal shock, and a TALAS RL fork .. right now both the rebound settings are set on the extreme of a slow rebound. I'm about 215lbs+, and have the fork psi=~120 and set to 125mm and the shock @~230 and set in the extended. They are on a single pivot weyless xp pro...

went for a first ride on them today, and it felt pretty good not too plush but really not stiff at all.. so...

Should I wait and see how it reacts to different trails, or should I mess with the rebound/ pressure to see how it effects the performance?

The shock used about 80% of it's travel on a middle technical trail (I am a new rider so it's not a very realistic rating of the trail [50 year trail in oro valley AZ]), so how much is the recommended increase in PSI for the next time I ride if it's a similar trail?

Over a long wash board multiuse road I was going about 23mph, and thought I would surely work something loose because it was vibrating too much, can adjusting the fork/ shock change that or is it the deal with riding washboard type terrain?

Any input greatly appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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