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I have to say that I am very excited about my recent purchase of a used spider.The PO said it to be around an 05, he rode for two seasons, I have not taken a look at the bottom bracket numbers yet so I am not certain of the year.
Any known probelms with the 05 I should watch out for,

I have a stupjumper now that I can swap parts with and the big thing is the fork I have to sell the stumpy so I don't get to try things out to much. The XVP came with the Manitou
R7 super 100 w/ remote lock out I don't know anything about this fork, I also have a Fox float 100 RL that I have ridden for 4+ years and was rebuilt a few months ago any suggetions on wich to use.

The XVP came with the swinger three way and I can not find settings for the air pressure the PO had no manuals.

I weigh about 175 w/o gear I live in the southern California mountains and will be riding a variety of conditions mostly cross country, with an endurance race in Tahoe this July.

Any help would be great
Thank You
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