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So I'm considering trying a Ripmo tuned DPX2 on my 2018 Fuel EX (full floater, and current shock is metric/standard eyelets, 210x52.5). Pretty sure a few people on here are running this and I had a couple questions and items I wanted to confirm before purchasing.....

- If I remove all the bushing on the dpx2 from the ripmo, I can mount it to my Fuel EX using the existing bushings and hardware from my current fox shock?

- Seems like nobody has had issues with the additional 2.5 of stroke length or clearance with the dpx2's piggyback? Currently running 29" 2.5 rear tire, also run a water bottle cage, any unforseen clearance issues?

- Most importanly, how do you think the ripmo tuned dpx2 performs on your Fuel EX? Could break this down into pedaling, climbing, descending, drops/jumps.

Yes I know you can purchase Fuel EX tuned DPX2, but that's also about triple, or more, the price I can get a ripmo take off for, and there would be no lead time as it'd be a local sale.

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