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Questions about Steve Peat Syndicate?

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I thought I'd post up here since I'm getting a lot of the same questions from folks about the SPS program in North America. By a lot- I mean about 10 times a day.
Please post your questions and I'll get back every-so-often to answer them. I'm not going to be here 24*7, so please be patient.

Without trying to sound like I'm being a "solicitor" - here's a few quick FAQ that we happen to get almost daily.

-Anyone can apply - we are looking for multiple age groups, skill levels, and geographies (beginner up to pro, grom's to geezers).

-You get a bike, clothes, pads, helmet, training plans, support at selected events, etc. No private jets or expense accounts at strip clubs.

-This IS a selective process - we have a limited number of memberships to award, so not everyone will get in. Apply, and try to show that you are a nice person who has passion and is a good stewart to both our sponsors and mountain biking. That'll go a long way to getting you an acceptance letter.

-Yes, we will have 2 separate Steve Peat Camp/ Ride Day/ Sessions. Basically - riding lifts with Steve Peat and probably Mitch Ropelato with the purpose of getting you some quality advice and coaching.

-No, we don't have a schedule yet. Our members vote on the events they want our support vehicle at (mechanic, tent, tunes, seating, grub, etc)

-No, I'm not Steve Peat. I work with him because I believe in this program and in giving back to the sport.

We have a website with some info on it - but feel free to ask questions below!

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