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questions about my martas

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I'm new to the hydro discs, so please bare with me.

problem is that my brakes are grabbing/rubbing the rotor sometimes.
sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. example i check them on the stand and the wheel rolls perfect and grab a handful of brake and they still roll then grab again and they rub the rotors after letting go. no real pattern its just random.

the rotor is straight and I have centered the rotor using the card on each side of the pad technique i read about here.

the martas are 2004 models and i bought them used and i couldn't be happier with the performance of the brakes. in fact i'velogged many miles with them now and never thought i would be so happy with discs.

anyways any advice/experience would be appreciated.

-LowMach :p
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They need to be bled, it's a fairly easy job if you follow the instructions and know what your doing, if not, get a bike shop to do it for you:)
Might be a sticky piston

To fix that you need to remove the pads and slowly pull the lever untill the pistons are about half way out (don't go to far). Then you put some of the magura blood fluid on the pistons all the way around them and push them all the way back into place. Repeat this about three times and it shouldn't stick anymore. As Lowmach said they might need to be blead but this is much faster and easier I would try it first. If it dosn't solve the problem then go ahead and bleed them. If you blead them yourself be sure to follow the instructions to a tee they are a little bit more tricky to blead than most set ups but if you do it right they wont need it again for quite a long time.
thanks for the replys.

great link!

magura blood? i will have to find some of this. maybe my lbs will have?
is there some other over the counter fluid that will work as well?
I will try this method first and then move on to the bleeding procedure.

thanks again for input and instructions
Fluid ?

It is best to use Magura fluid but I have used shimano mineral oil in the past for the piston re-animation but not to do the bleeding. What ever you do do not use DOT brake fluid it will ruin your seals.

ok. i'm back.

here is whats going on now:

didn't have a true surface on my fork. everything is running great now. it was such a small difference, but it did matter. i know setup setup setup.

did about 15 miles of singletrack this afternoon and the brakes are working nice.

FYI: i was in a LBS yesterday and every bike with disc brakes in the show room had some rub going on. well they only had four bikes with discs....

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