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Questions about Fox G2

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I've tried to do a word search on Fox G2, but nothing is showing up so sorry if a lot of this has been covered before:

1. What exactly is G2?

2. Can you run it on a non-Fisher frame (pros/cons)?

3. Can you take the legs from a G2 and put on a non-G2 crown/steer tube (sorry if not labeling parts correctly)?

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From Fisher website:

G2 Geometry started out as a project to improve the slow-speed handling of Fisher bikes. Fisher's existing Genesis Geometry already excelled in climbing, descending and handling at speed. The one area we wanted to improve its handling was in tight singletrack and technical climbs.

G2 accomplished this by increasing the amount of fork offset. This reduced the amount of trail to make it steer quicker without changing the rest of its handling characteristics. While increasing the offset, we reduced the reach to the handlebar to allow the rider to weight the front wheel more accurately.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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