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I just discovered the back entrance to Lord Hill. To get there, you get on Tester Road and drive past Monroe High School and then under a roadway (Highway 522 East) and make a left at an intersection. After about 300 feet, you come to a rough parking lot. I didn't have my bike with me at the time.

After parking my car there, I hiked past a closed gate up a steep fire road that ascends about 700 feet to the top. From there, you can go to the left or right. The left side has kind of a wide fire road that winds away into the distance. From the right side, you can see a very steep single track going up to the top of a hill. To the right of the previously mentioned trail, I discovered single track going through the woods to the right. I didn't have time to hike the whole thing to find out how/where these trails connect to.

Here are my questions:

1. If you ride the wide fire road trail to the left, where do you end up?

2. If you ride/walk up the super steep trail to your right, where do you end up?

3. If you ride the lastly mentioned single track trail going into the woods to the right, where do you end up?

4. Can you ride some trail(s) from the back entrance of Lord Hill all the way to the main front entrance? If so, how many miles is it to get there starting from the Tester Road parking lot?

Thanks for replying to me...

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I ride Lord Hill pretty often, as its one of the closer riding areas to my house.

That said, I've never used that entrance, and I think I've only been down close to the area I think you're describing once. Most of the good riding is above that, and as you noticed, the climb is pretty tough, or longer.

1) I "think" that this is the "Main Trail" that you're describing.

2) I "think" this was the the pipeline trail. The climb from where it crosses the main trail up, is super steep. I've only attemped it once, and ran out of stamina about halfway up. I think its probably rideable, but you'd have to be in pretty good shape.

3) I'm not sure what trail you're talking about for this one. Afaik, there aren't any other trails that intersect there. Although, perhaps it was a hiking trail? Hard to tell exactly.

4) If you are where I think you were... then yes, absolutely. Either path will take you up to the "top", or to any other trails that you want to ride when you're there. In fact, as long as that was the real/normal entrance, then they all should connect. It looks like from the south entrance to the north, is ~3 miles if you take the main trail the whole way.

You should be able to find the trails you're talking about on the trailforks map. The parking area you're talking about is on the south side. As I said, I think you were at the intersection of the main trail, and the pipeline trail on the south side.

If thats not where you are... I'm not sure where you would have been. Maybe the Riverview quarry road, and pipeline trail intersection? Not sure, never been down that far.

Hopefully that helps. And when you're there, check out Goldeneye/third eye, upper/lower springboard, and wishbone. Those are the best trails in the park in my opinion, at least if you like more gravity fueled fun.
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