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[Question] Teravail Kessel Front and Rear

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Hello all

I’m getting a new ride and the tires that come on it are suspect at best. I’m getting an Orbea Occam LT M10 and mulberry. The front tire is OK, but the rear I’m not feeling great about. Also, both are Maxxis EXO casing. Overall I’m not a Maxxis fan. We’ll just leave that as it is.

  • TYRES Maxxis Minion DHF 2.50" FB 60 TPI 3C Maxx Terra Exo TR
  • TYRES Maxxis Dissector 2.40" 60 TPI 3CMaxxTerra Exo TLR

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I’m currently running a Teravail Kessel 29x2.6 as a front tire and love it. They also come in tan. I’m thinking tan tires would look killer on my new Occam. I’m thinking of tan Kessels 2.6 Front and 2.4 Rear.

My riding style is fast and aggressive. For reference most of my friends use DHR/DHR or DHR/DHR combos. The tan DHR/DHR did cross my mind, but those are EXO chasing again.

Has anyone use the Tevavail Kessel front/rear?
Does the climbing suck any worse than a DHF/DHR or DHR/DHR?

Teravail Kessel
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I’ve run them before. They are DHF clones and ride very similar. If you’ve ridden the DHF front and rear it’ll climb similarly, although I think the teravails are a tad heavier, but don’t quote me on that.

I ended up hating the transition zone just like I did on the DHF, not sure what I expected. Some love it some hate it.
ive run the kessel (2.5, 27.5) on the front and liked it better than the Minion. The knobs are taller than the dhf, transition zone is not as wide and the grip is really good, however it does seem to have more rolling resistance, not sure id run it on the back if doing a lot of climbing, may be better off with the DHR 2 which is a more rear-specific tread.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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