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The last time I used a tubeless kit was back when Stan's 1st came out and you had to use packing tape to seal the spoke holes on the rim with a layer of electrical tape on top...then Stans rim strip. I have since been using UST rims run with regular tires and Stans goop.

I am now getting a 29er and there are no UST rims so I will need to go back to a tubeless kit. are the spoke holes sealed now days? I see Stan has some yellow tape that he states is to be used with his Olympic rims. Can this tape be used on all rims? if not why not?

My initial wheelset will be the American Classic 350 disc for 29ers. What do I need to do to run this set tubeless? Will Stans yellow tape and rim strip do the trick? I see Maxxis has a strip?

The retro confused KMan


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