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I have a question on the storage space in a Ford Expedition..
There are 4 of us flying into CO with our bikes (in hard cases) - and I'm wondering if there would be enough space in the Expedition or if we need to get a Van.

I don't have access to a Ford Exp. and a case today and I would like to reserve it today/tonight.
The case dimensions are 47" x 30" x 11"

Has anyone tried to put 4 cases in an Expedition with the 3rd row of seats down or out of the truck? I'm not getting really good info from the Ford site on their dimensions w/o the seats and the total measurements.

Also - how well will 4 bikes fit in the back of this thing?
(front wheel off and bike seats down of course.. for when we unpack the bikes and go to ride)

Thanks for any advice,

I'm how far behind?
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Don't know about the explorer, but last year for the Worlds I flew into Seattle and drove to Whister with two bike boxes and enough crap for 4 people for four days in a new style dodge durango. The bike boxes fit sitting on their sides parrallel to the rear axel. Left enough room for coolers and bags in the back. You could probably fit four cases in the back that way, but I don't know where your luggage would go. I suppose you could put some of it in the back seat next to the two others. You may want to look into seeing if anyone rents those minivans that have the stoandgo seats.

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