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Just a few questions on the Epic Comp. I am trying to get back into Mountain Biking after 7 or 8 years of little to no riding. And pretty much anything currently on the market will be be better then what I had 8 years ago (old Diamondback with no susupension). I will be riding mostly XC with a few technial trails here and there. I am looking for a bike that can grow with me and last for several years. I would like to keep my budget in the $1600 or less range.
I had been mostly toying with hardtails until I came across what I think is a pretty good deal on an Epic. This bike is Specialized demo bike at my LBS. It looks brand with very little wear. The owner of the store says that the bike has been demeod very little (maybe 10 times at most). It is painted in a cool lime green color which I assume Specialized painted all the deme bikes this color I can by the bike for $1400. The bike carries a 90 day warranty instead of the standard 1 year.
Any issues you can guys (and girls) can think of with this bike? The reviews seem very positive on it. Is the price good for a slightly used Epic Comp?
I had been leaning towards a entry level Stumpjumper but for just a few dollars more, this bike may be hard to pass up.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!:thumbsup:

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Sound like a good deal, just recheck on the warranty, because Specialized usually has a lifetime warranty on the frame, maybe the 90 days apply to the rest of the parts.

If the warranty conditions are to your liking, it is a great deal. (I have a 2003 Epic ;) )

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