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Question, Maxxis Ignitor UST on a 5point5?

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I've been using Continental Vertical UST tires on my 5.5 for the past two years and I'm thinking of making a change to The Maxxis Ignitor UST. I've read some good user reviews on them. The Continentals are claimed to be 2.3, but some claim that they are actually smaller. The Maxxis are claimed to be 2.35. I have the old rear triangle so I was wondering if anyone has used the Maxxis or any other 2.35 on their 5.5. The Continentals have fitted without any problem. Also I'd appreciate any opinion on the Maxxis.

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2.35 High Rollers

I'm running 2.35 high rollers on my 04 5.5......lots a clearance back there (about 5-7mm)
I'm currently running an Ignitor 2.1 UST on the front of my 5.5. It's definately on the waay small side for being a 2.1. That being said, it's a fantastic tire. It rolls extremely well, has excellent traction, and most importantly, it inspires confidence in the rough.

I want to replace it with a 2.35 UST but they're very hard for me to find locally. The 2.35 Ignitor UST should be an awesome front tire.
Thanks guys, for the input. It makes me more confident in trying them as far as size is concerned. If you say the 2.1 is small then perhaps the 2.35 is also a bit small... er, for a 2.35.

E-man if you're interested found them on the web at Blue Sky Cycling at a pretty good price.


Edit: E-man, what are you using on the back? Is there any reason not to use it back and front? I've been very happy with the Continentals both back and front.
Ronnie - I'm running a Maxxis 2.1 UST Crossmark on the rear. Tred is similar to a Larsen TT, but has squared blocks down the center. Awesome climbing traction in the rough stuff and is a super smooth & fast roller on the flats.

Thanks for the link.
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