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question:FSA k-force light 42/29 carbon crank

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Ok, well i bought a lightly used FSA K-Force light carbon crank at a bike sale, and first let me tell-ya im super stoked!!!!! Ok to get to the question, Im wondering if some one will let me know what all tools im gonna need to purchase, like the BB wrench (park toolBBT-19or,FSA#EO139), the socket to pull the 6-holed retainer bolt(i believe its a FSA # EE023). I was also wondering if the left arm is a press fit, or a slide on fit? If anyone has info, i would greatly appreciate it....
Thanks in advance!!!!
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You will only need the BB wrench and an 8mm allen key.

You only need the fsa ee023 if you want to remove the self extractor. You can also just use a pin spanner instead.

To remove the cranks you just use the 8mm allen key. no need to remove the 6 hole cap (self extractor)
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