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Question for you Bozeman Folks..

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I need a RACEFACE 32 tooth chainring for an Evolve XC crankset. I was told that an FSR would work, so I bought one in Boise...but it didn't work. Now I'm in Bozeman and don't have a middle chainring.

So....does anyone know where I could find a RACEFACE 32 tooth middle chainring...or do you know of any other brand that you know FOR SURE is compatible with race face.

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The only shop in town that I've seen RF components in, is Owenhouse. I'm not a huge fan of that shop, but I haven't seen RF parts in any other store. If that doesn't work out, my favorite shop is Summit, which is only a couple of blocks W of Owenhouse.

I haven't had to replace individual chainrings in the past, so I can't comment on your compatibility issue. Sorry.

You'll need to pull the crank to replace the rind anyway won't you? If so, just take the crank into the shop and try out whatever they have.

Like Venom said, Owenhouse carries some RF stuff but if they're out of stock you have plenty of other shops in town to search.

I end up replacing rings on my commuter every spring and usually need to look around a bit. Then again that bike has old 5-arm LX cranks and I like to run slightly larger than standard rings.
Good luck with Owen House, those guys couldn't find their way out of a paper bag much less a bike part you might need. Try calling GAS in Big Sky they have a couple good wrenches down there, well worth the drive IMO.
You can replace the middle ring without removing the cranks, Obviously this does require you remove the big ring...
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