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Question for user downhillfaster

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Hey im that kid that rode with you about a month ago on south mountain with the DHR. I had a question for you about that new big drop at the holbert pit. You posted a thread about it called "Huge AZ Props". Have you seen anybody hit it because i am going to do some work on the landing and hit it pretty soon. I am just wondering how fast you need to be going. For sure dont want to come up short on that gap! See you on the mountain sometime.
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i hit that poop last weekend. its big, but not that hard. you have to start a ways back and just peddle your ass off. toss a rock from the take off and see how hard you have to throw it to get it to the landing. i know they do it in all the videos but it really helps.

by the way i think i met you at the pit that one time. i was on the sunday with the other guy on the fly.

hey eric ill probably be down for some shuttling on saturday if thats cool with you.
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