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Question for N.Shore Riders

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Hey everybody. I'm bringing my wife on a trip to Whistler and the North Shore and I want to know of some fun moderate Shore trails that have bypasses around the stunts. She's a decent trail rider (B-Line at Whistler is her favorite) but she doesn't like stunts or drops. Any reccomendations of trails with stunts for me and bypasses for her would be great.
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Go to forum and ask in there.

Also ask Kendo and JimC on here, they live there.

on Mt. Fromme, I'd try Leopard and Krinkum Krankum (sp?) and if you're friskier, Upper Oilcan. then Leopard and Krinkum. On Seymour, try Bridle path (name is a bit deceiving, nobody I know has ever cleaned it).

there are maps on

Sqaumish has endless miles of great ST. Any bike store has maps. Whistler you already know.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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