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Question for LT2 & Talas owners

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For those of you have have a Blur LT2 and the 140mm Talas fork, do most of you ride in the 120mm mode for most of your cross-county riding? I currently have a float 140mm and am thinking of switching to an adjustable fork. My thinking is that 120mm would probably be just right for modest climbs and decents whereas 100mm would be suitable for steep climbs and 140mm would be perfect for steep downhills.

Do you think the adjustability factor is worth it on the LT2 (I'm still having some transition issues from my blur classic)?

I mostly due cross-county and occassionally due steep climbs and steep, rocky downhills.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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I went through this as well and decided to go with the 150 Talas. I rode a friends bike with the same setup and it felt AWESOME.
The value of Talas is completely dependent on your ride topography. If you're doing lots of long steep climbs that make you fight to keep the front wheel down, then turning around and hitting descents that benefit from long travel and slack angles, I think it's worth the extra weight that comes from it.

FWIW, I have a Talas 36. I use the 130 setting the most, it's got the best all-mountain feel for me. I use 160 the least, and always make the effort to dial things down to 100 on the climbs. Common to climb 800'+ per mile here, and that really helps keep my nose down and weight forward. Otherwise, that length just feels too short for the bike.
I have the 140 Talas and enjoy the option of adjusting for climbs and decents. I'm sure the 150 and 160 Talas are good as well. It all depends on the topography like Cycledelic said.
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