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robdamanii said:
Hey Joe,

Looking for the shock length (eye to eye) and the stroke length for my 05 Dawg Primo. I think it's 7.5" x 2" stroke, but not sure and want to check.

Hi Rob,

Actual is 2" stroke (51mm) x 7.875" shock length (200mm)

Are you looking to replace it?

Curious as to what options you are looking at... I have a 05 Dawg Dee-Luxe and am thinking about a change.

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phxartboy said:
Should be a nice combo with your Judy up front. :rolleyes:

I hear you've got a donation frame too, or was that just more BS? You know who to contact...
I'll sell ya the frame and fork for $250 for your little project.

Don't want to pay for it? Then get bent. I don't donate to things I don't feel like donating to. If you had asked nicely instead of getting pissed that I didn't offer it up last time, you might have gotten somewhere. You chose to be an ass about it, so your chances of getting anything out of me dropped to nil. I would have gladly sold the frame for dirt cheap, next to nothing if it would have helped that girl get back on a bike that was stolen from her. Frankly, you're enough of a prick that I don't want to support your chairty bit, no matter how good it may be.

Sorry, I'm greedy and I like to get something out of the things I don't need, should I choose to get rid of them.

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