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Question about my new E-13 bashguard...

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I recently had a new E13 bashguard installed on my 575, and had the big chain ring removed. Here's my issue: my new E13 is huge, it looks like my LBS should have just kept my big chain ring on my 575, it's that big. It looks too big for my middle chain ring.

Basically, I thought by getting this thing I'd be protecting my middle ring, and gaining a little bit of clearance at the bottom bracket at the same time.

Instead, this thing is even bigger than my big chain ring...I actually lost at least an inch or more of log-clearing clearance.

My question: does the E13 come in different sizes? My LBS said that if it did, they would have to remove my middle ring as well. Does that sound right?
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It sounds like your LBS is retarded. The Supercharger bash guard comes in several sizes, this is taken from e13's website:

4-104 BCD in 32T, 36T, 40T, 42T & 44T sizes
5-110 BCD in 36T, 40T, 42T & 44T sizes

They may have gotten you one of the 40-something tooth sizes which are for DH bikes running big rings. The 32T will cover stock middle rings, but I would get the 36T in case you want to change middle rings later. It will still be smaller in diameter than an outer chain ring. And no, you would not have to remove the middle ring in any case to install a bashguard because it only fits in place of the outer ring, the fact that they even suggested that would be enough to not want to go there again. Also, for future reference there is really nothing to installing a bashguard you just unbolt the outer ring, slide it off over the crankarm (no crankarm removal necessary), and bolt on the new bashguard.
The guys at E13 recommended the 36T for my middle. They recommended the 36T for offset hits, instead of the 32T size. The bad part is I haven't bought one yet. :(
Yeah bashguards come in different sizes. I recently had a Race Face bashguard put on my Yeti and got one that was slightly bigger than my middle ring (36T).
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