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Question about Avid's BB7's

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I have been looking to upgrade my BB5's with BB7's due to the great reviews.

My question is what is the difference between the different years of the BB7's? If you look at the 2008 model is $40 a set. If you look at the 2010's they are $71.


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they are older, which makes them cheaper, and i think the might have a few refinements for ease of use, they are all good, i'd get the '08s

It just a big price jump for minuscule difference. I guess they need to get ride of stock some how.

Now another question,

Should I both looking into hydraulic brakes?

I am fairly new to riding bikes, but that doesn't mean I don't like to upgrade and have a better bike. I have a feeling i will not need the hydraulic brakes. i should be OK with just replacing the BB5's with BB7's.

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And back to the BB7's If you search BB7 on

they list a 2008, 2009 and a 2010. The 2009 says grey in the title. The 2008 and 2010 do not. What is that? It does not say it is a road bike caliper, so I don't know. The pictures look the same for all 3.

The BB7s are superior to MANY hydraulic brakes, you can tune more modulation into them than you can with any hydro, and they have stopping power that will satisfy everybody but downhillers an freeriders (and even then, some people use them for DH/FR!)

for the price, they cannot be beat. i'd get the BB7 calipers, Jagwire Ripcord housings and an Avid speed dial 7 lever
Thanks for the recommendations. I did not realize a difference in brake levers. What is so special about the Avid speed dial 7 levers compaired to the ones that came on my '09 RH comp disc?

The comp disc i think has the Avid FR-5 which only has reach adjust, the speed dial allows you to tune however much modulation or sheer power you want
Ahhh, I got ya.
My comp disc has the Jagwire 1.3 cables for the brakes, what are those?

Can you look at post #4 again and try to answer that question.


to tell you the truth, i don't know how to answer that question, but your cable housing on the other hand, i can help you with. The Housing you have is probably not compressionless (squeeze the brake, if the cable housing moves, it's not compressionless) that compression is lost braking power, the ripcord is compressionless, which gives a firmer lever feel and offers better braking power.

Thank you for your time, you have been very helpful!

The current model appeared in 2008 and was a distinct change from the earlier version, in color and construction. It appears that in 2010 the caliper is unchanged. I'd pick the cheapest you can find, although you may find that pricier BB7 kits come with the preferred Clean Sweep rotors instead of the much complained about Roundagons.
Ok thanks, I assume to stick with th 160's?

thats true, the roundagons are good, but they fade pretty easily due to heat build up. But doesn't the comp disc come with clean sweeps? mine did.
you mean 160s? if you don't have an issue with heat and fade, stick with the 160s
hmmm... my 08 disc came with clean sweeps... the clean sweep would be a good upgrade too, but if the roundagons are okay, it's unnesscary
I have only rode this bike once since I bought it last week. I am having trouble with my front brakes not stopping well, the LBS said he would replace the pads, (he already adjusted them and still not braking power)

I figure I could just replace the BB5s with the BB7s and be much better off. I might hold off on the cleansweeps for now, but I am sure I will buy some later.

I am unable to find any BB7 kits with the cleansweeps included. That would just make more sense for me to buy them.
If you are having trouble stopping with your BB5's, simply switching to BB7's is not the answer. I have both setups, BB5/FR5 and BB7/SD7 on seperate bikes and i can tell you there is no noticeable difference in sheer stopping power, only in modulation, which i suspect is due more to the SD7 lever than the caliper. The only advantages to the BB7 I see are a larger, and more readily available pad, and simpler adjustments.

To gain more stopping power the most effective way is to switch you front rotor to 7" (assuming you have 6"), although I believe you can get the power you need from a good set of cables and housings, contaminate free rotors and pads, and good setup/adjustment. good luck!
I have BB7s on my other other bike, and they have plenty of stopping power, but i don't follow SRAM's instructions, i follow these:

best instructions i've found so far
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