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quebec / ontario riders:

i'm getting to quebec this season instead of the usual BC run, i have 7 days, three people. already planning on heading to vallee pruneau (is it still around?) and bromont, where else can/should we ride? looking more for ski hill type riding, no skill restrictions. i won't have a shuttle vehicle unless someone wants to volunteer...

i know quebec pretty well, so mostly looking for names of places (is tremblant, mt. st. anne still offering riding, i heard some things?)


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Vallee Pruneau doesn't exist anymore and everything there has been taken apart (almost)... it never opened this year... i think it was closed last year also...

Check out our website:

And also: (in french but you can post in english)

If DH is your thing:

- Bromont (
- Mont-Sainte-Anne (quebec city)
- Camp fortune ( near Gatineau // Ottawa)

That's about it for DH... for XC there is tons of stuff to ride... If you plan on traveling to Vermont:

- Fellowship of the Wheel:

Good luck!
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