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Quality of headset and bottom bracket in 2021/22 Trail 429? How often will it need replacement bearings in a sometimes wet region? Best replacement?

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I often prefer to buy a quality product like Chris King that you buy for the life of the bike, and save money and hassle.
I hear Cane Creek 110 headset is good. What say you?
Same question for suspension bearings.
I do not use a pressure washer on my bike.
Thank you.
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Cane creek 110 headsets are excellent, as good or better than Chris King imo. Not sure about the rest of your questions.
If the bottom bracket is RaceFace expect it to last 3-6 months, 4 seasons riding, bike on hitch rack exposed to elements. Shimano about a year. I’m assuming SRAM, about a year. RWC, about 1-2 years. YMMV. PF BBs have never creaked on my Pivots. I went down that rabbit hole a few times.

Pivot headset on my old 429, about a year. I think the latest rendition is better. Just replaced the headset on my Switchblade, but it was a smaller diameter cable rubbing in the port. Almost replaced the headset before but it was the stem and spacers needing lubed - who would have thought? 110s are great but now are seriously expensive. I put a Wolftooth on my Switchblade.

Bearings - 2 years, 4 seasons.

I’m assuming a frame up build? If not the stock parts overall are good.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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