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I learned today that SKF signed QBP as the US distributor for their bottom brackets. The enabling technology seems to be (cylindrical?) roller bearings on the drive side, not ball bearings. This is interesting to me because I mash more than I should and end up going through a BB about every six months, and it's because the bearing cartriges develop play, not because they sieze up. FSA, Race Face, Truvativ -- they all last about 6 months.

I ordered one to try it out. I'll try to remember to post a performance evaluation after a few months. Anyone over there in Europe have anything to say about SKF products?

Here's a snip from a message I got from QBP:

Hello Mike,

Thank you for contacting us, we always welcome feedback and really take it to heart.

It's funny you inquire about SKF, because they are one of our newest vendors. We will have them available starting this spring sometime and will be highlighted in the 2006 QBP Dealer Catalog. You can tell you Bike Shop that QBP will have a range of SKF Bottom Brackets available this coming spring. I agree that it is an excellent product which makes much sense!

Thanks again for the feedback,

Frank Lundeen
Quality Bicycle Products - Customer Service Agent

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But if these are better, who the **** cares about new technology.

If it fails, then I see your point and raise you this. If this lasts the same as the external and is cheaper to produce and to buy for consumers, then this will be the way it will go. Bah, who knows.

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Homebrew said:
Seems like they missed the boat on this one. It might have be a great idea 5 years ago but today the industry focus is on the external bb type cranks.
Got an idea on how many riders have already replaced the bearings on their XTR ext. bb's? Too many.

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