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I am just finishing up the install and not sure about the position of the crowns on the sanction tubes.
This is the current setup:

There is 1" from the top crown to the top of the sanction and about 5.5" of distance from the bottom crown to the fork start.

What factors determine the position of the crowns?

The bike is setup for aggresive trail riding, not really into jumps or hucking stuff and I will be climbing up most trails I ride down (no shuttles or lifts).
My understanding is that I want to have a decreased head angle for climbing so the bike doesnt want to wheelie going up.
However with the e.13 stem I am using the handle bar height is also lowered.

I havent finished the bike yet, I am going to go for a ride this weekend and see how it feels but I am not sure what I should look for when I am tweaking these last few things.
I am also probably going to get a different handlebar so I could get a handlebar that has a higher rise to compensate if I want to drop the crowns further down the sanction tubes.

If you read my whole post and made it this far, thanks in advance.

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Looks fine too me. You have 5.5 showing on the bottom and at the shortest travel your only getting 5.25, so all good. As for the top crown, it's not uncommon to have some extra stantchion sticking up when using the tall crown. If it bugs you, you could always get a short crown. But for what it's worth, I wouldn't both. Looks good, have fun.
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