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I know its been probalby been covered, but I searched and found nothing useful.

I have a MC29er, and the stock wheelset is super pig-ish.

I'm in the process of gathering up parts for a gearied 29er, starting with the wheelset. I thought it woudl be awfully nice to be able to use the gearie wheelset on the MC29er until I get the other bits going.


MC29er has slotted horizontal dropouts and a track nut SS wheel with tuggers. I'm assuming this setup won't really work with a traditional QR rear hub (stacks of shims, DX cog, convterted to SS, or maybe even a 1*9?).

Is there an easy way to make this work? Does somebody make a QR hub compatable tugger?


nevermind. I just found the Surly Tugnut.

Anything else I should be looking at?

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You don't have to use the Surly with the washer - you can use the DMR model or the Redline chain tensioner - either will work fine with a QR - any other version should work OK too -the QR axle just seats up against the front of the tug and then you clamp it in. Used the Redline my Spot for two seasons without any trouble.


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