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I would be grateful if anyone with a Race Face Turbine LP on their bike could measure the Q factor for me. I'm interested in buying one, but I've got dicky knees and need to know the Q. (alternatively, does anyone know a good 58/94 crank with a low Q now that the Ritchey's have gone to up to 64bcd?)

If you don't know what the Q factor is, it's the lateral distance between the outside faces of the crank arms where they meet the pedals - if it's wide, you feel like you're standing at ease (or giving birth), it it's narrow, you feel like you're standing at attention. Ritchey, for example, is narrow, Shimano I think is generally wide (though I'm not sure if this applies to ISIS Shimano).

To measure the Q on your bike, bring a crank round parallel to the seat tube, then measure sideways from the outside face of the crank at the pedal axle to a mark on the middle of the seat tube. Then measure the other crank the same way to the same mark. Add the two numbers together and you have the Q, which on a triple should be somewhere between 150 & 170mm.

Many thanks if anyone could whip out a tape measure & do this for me. :)
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