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Q: Did I get ripped off???

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I recently got a new bike for my birthday from Sportchek to replace the POS I've had since I was a little kid. Anyways, I thought I was getting a damn good bike, I believe it was a Nakamura Trailback 04 with dual shocks and 21 speeds on sale for $279.99 from a regular of $399.99. Sure it isn't one them $4000 bikes, but for the most part it seemed like it was pretty good for its class.

Anyways, I do some web browsing to try and learn more about it, and I can't even find Nakamura's homepage!!! The most I can find is the link to the bike from sportchek's sitehere, and it gives out very little info on the bike itself. I also found an article off of their site claiming that you guys reviewed the 2001 Nakamura Crossbow here (last paragraph), but all I could find here was a bikeseat called the Crossbow made from Velo, not Nakamura.

So my question is this: did I get ripped off??? I'm sure at least SOMEONE here is somewhat familiar with the Nakamura name and can give me the lowdown on whether or not they are a good make or not. Even if someone can give me their official website (Google search brought up nothing) that would be helpful too.

Thanks :)

PS: If this is in the wrong forum, mods please feel free to move it
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Its because there a department store brand and are under a different name

go to that site and email them ask your questions :D
Doubt you got ripped off. But you get what you pay for. A "damn good bike" is not attainable for $300. Especially not one with dual suspension. Heck, a good suspension *fork* alone costs that much. Department store bikes in that price range aren't much more than "toys" - they may *look* like mountain bikes, but they're made for street riding and maybe a dirt path.

If you want an entry-level "trail worthy" bike, you need to go to an LBS (Local Bike Shop), which will specialize in bicycles and match you to a bike that fits your needs, budget, and fits your body.

You can get quality entry-level bikes from reputable mass-production "real" bike brands like Trek, Giant, Specialized and Gary Fisher (among others) at a bicycle shop.
Nakamura used to be made by Raliegh Canada in Oakville, but they get their aluminum frames from either China or Mexico - just like almost every other bike manufacturer in North America. It has the same quality frame and components that you could find on any other $300 - $400 bike.

Don't worry that you don't recognize the brand name. The brand names on modern mountain bikes means nothing at all - they are all made by the same factories.

I was worried for you when you said it was dual suspension - it is only front suspension, so it should be able to be an OK bike for a few years. (if it were full suspension it would have been a terrible bike)

If you are doing a lot of riding you should consider getting a decent bike from a bike shop. A bike for $600 - $700 CDN will last a whole lot longer, take less maintenance and be more fun to ride. Save your pannies, bro!
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