MoBu, a project led and designed by co-owner and PYGA founder, Pat Morewood, is the company's dream and ambition to build the best quality bike in the world using techniques never before seen in bicycle manufacturing.

Designed with input from PYGA Euro Steel pro-riders and Heinrich Wichmann of Blakstone Tek (BST) (world leaders in the production of high-performance carbon fiber wheels and components for brands including Ducati, MV Agusta, Arch, Norton, Vuhl and Ariel Atom), the design protocol for MoBu was to improve on their already successful stage model and to future proof the design for years to come. The manufacture of MoBu will be uncompromising in its execution and provide the ultimate control and fun factor for amateur and pro alike, whilst minimizing waste material from manufacture.

Pyga MoBu Highlights

  • Intended Use: XC/Marathon or Trail/Down country
  • Rear Wheel Travel: 118mm, 120mm or 135mm
  • Fork Compatibilty: 120-140mm
  • Wheel size: 29"
  • Carbon frame
  • Weight: XC/marathon: 22.3lbs (size large w/o pedals)
  • Trail/downcountry: 27.4lbs (size large w/o pedals)
  • Adjustable reach via offset taper cups
  • Flip-chip adjustable BB height and headtube angle
  • Plus 2.5mm Boost 148 rear end (improved chain line and wheel dish)
  • 2 full water bottle mounts inside the frame
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and bearings
  • Handmade in South Africa
  • Pricing and US availability TBA

"Project MoBu is the realization of a dream to build the best carbon fiber mountain bikes in the world. In order to fulfill this dream, we needed to find a manufacturing partner who shared our passion for innovation and our belief that things can always be done better. Incredibly we found such a partner right here in South Africa, BST. The name MoBu is derived from the Sesotho word meaning 'soil or of the earth,'" said company founder, Pat Morewood.

"Our plan has always been to produce our own bikes right here in South Africa, however, this was not an easy task to accomplish especially when it comes to carbon fiber frames. I've always believed in South Africa's ability as a nation to be able to produce some of the best products in the world, for example during the 1980's many businesses were set up by the Government to produce military aircraft such as the ROOIVALK helicopter and other military equipment," he added.

After hearing about BST, based in Gauteng (Johannesburg), PYGA met with owner Gary Turner to discuss the possibility of local production. The project began almost two years ago and is now at the point of final testing and shortly after onto first production. The first fifty frames have already been pre-sold and are due for delivery as soon as the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions allow for manufacturing to continue. Once in full production, the MoBu will remain a very high quality, small-batch model with the anticipation that the frames will continue to be sold on a pre-order basis.

Morewood added, "I always enjoy pushing the limits of what's considered the 'norm' and have done so by increasing shock progression and anti-squat as well as pushing the geometry to what I think is optimal for this type of bike."

The MoBu has uniquely engineered flex, which translates into better cornering traction and forgiveness and overall ride quality. A fact borne out by the initial testing and pro rider feedback.

Multiple South African XCO champion, two time Olympian and winner of four Absa Cape Epic stages, Phillip Buys, said: "The immediate feeling was how stable the bike is, especially on high-speed sections. The bike is noticeably smoother when cornering through switchback with a feeling of more grip and faster exit speeds. On flat roads and rough climbs, the bike maintains momentum and power transfer is consistent with more rear wheel traction than I've had before. My overall experience summarized in one word is - efficient. When we spend long consecutive days out on the trails you want to be as efficient as possible which saves effort. The MoBu takes away unnecessary twitches around corners and feels stable at all times saving the normal mental strain in keeping the bike upright. On the MoBu I feel in control, relaxed, fast and always having fun"

The frame holds two full-size water bottles, has a lower shock-mounted flip-chip and will run a 185mm x 55mm length trunnion Rockshox Ultimate on the trial version and a 185mm x 47.5mm length SIDLux on the XC/marathon setup.

Pricing and availability for the US market have yet to be announced.