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Putting X0 on my Ibis Mojo SL

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My friend and I both purchased X0 groups for our Mojo SL's for this season. We bought the direct mount front derailleurs and the 26/39 chainring combos. Now, he's decided not to install the group and to sell it instead because he's weary of not having a rock ring for technical New England trails and of the tighter shifting tolerances and possibilities for chain suck with the 10 speed in back.

For those who are running X0 in New England (or other similar rocky, often damp locations), have you seen any particular issues with the 2x10 setup? Any let downs or limitations you didn't expect? Any improvements you didn't expect?

Depending on the answers, anyone need a brand new blue X0 group? ;)
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I live in Mass and run a 1x10, love it, takes a little bit to get used too but in the end it makes your legs stronger and you will choose better lines instead of going granny and plowing.

The improvement for me was getting the 11-36 as I used to run 1x9, even having the 36T cog I find myself not using it as often as I thought because I am so used to the ratios of 1x9. I use a 32T or 33T chain ring as well.
yeah, i was a 1x9 (even 1x8) guy for years too. as i've oriented towards faster riding and even some racing, i like a taller gear up front. maybe i'll go 1x10 with a 36. at that point though, i'm not using the X0 crank since i have normal 104 (94?) bcd cranks with wider variety of chain ring options.
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