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Putnam County Park

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Just hit the County Park trail system today, Holly Crap have they been building alot of trails. I actually got lost for about an hour. If anyone on here rides or maintains these trails shoot me a pm. I would like to volunteer some of my time for trail maintainance.
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Goto the WVMBA forums and post in the Charleston section under Eleanor Park. Most of the guys that work on that trail system are there.
I would just like to ride that place when it is dry. I'll NEVER forget the 12hr race conditions and then the points race conditions were not much better. I would bet under dry (?) conditions it would be great.
I will be in Charleston this weekend. What exit is Eleanor Park located off of. I have ridden in KSF several times but want to try something new. Should I bring my single speed also?
the easiest way would be the st. albans exit I think its exit 43 coming west on i 64 from charleston. make a left off of the exit onto 817 go about 8 miles or so until you get to the town of winfield. once in winfield you will see a large bridge that crosses over the kanawha river. cross the bridge and make a left off of the bridge onto rt.62 go about 1 mile and you will come into the town of eleanor. make the first right that you come to, called fir street. stay on fir street for about three or four hundred yards and you will come to a four way intersection. take a right at the four way go about 100 yards and you will enter the putnam county park. PM me if you need more directions once inside the park.
There will be rides on Saturday and Sunday (usually different rider levels). Unfortunately the trails are not marked well, but locals can show you around and you know will know the way from that point. The races this spring were definitely "WET AND SLOPPY"; however the current conditions are great. PM me if you want more details on the trails. Most riders go up Gun Range Trail and do the race loop, but there are several options. Trail maintenance/building generally occurs on Sunday mornings, but several have been asking for a Saturday afternoon gathering - looking into to it now.
Just got back from Putnam County Park. The trails were in great shape. I was lucky enough to meet a local and get directions. I did not have enough time to ride everything(spent the morning at Barboursville)but what I rode was a lot of fun. Trails were dry due to the trails facing the Southwest.The combination of logs,rocks and bench cutting made for great trail construction over all different obstacles. Thanks to those volunteers that have worked here.
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