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..... we're gonna ride the range!

theres no way i can begin this story without a huge thanx to all the folks who made this trip the success it was. in no particular order: rroeder for plantin the seed, the family rroeder for takin supreme care of odus and i, darren at push for the 2 hour tour, makin us feel at home and his generosity, larry at hountain high cyclery for the biz advice, beer, hospitality and bein our guide on day 1, squeeky wheel for settin up day 1 and to rroeder, s works, icegeek, ventanarama, christian, j dub and the "k" kid for puttin up with and waitin for my slow climbin ass. it was a weekend to remember for a long, long time. lets not forget candycorn for not givin me any grief for doin all this while unemployed. kisses, my love.

i wanna keep this short but theres probobly no way in hell i can do that so bear with me for awhile will ya?

it all started with a invite to hit the front range of colorado by my new friend rroeder. why not? i have the time. so i packed up the car with 2 bikes, spares, gear and a dog then i took the 10 hour scenic route to ft collins from sioux city through norfolk nebraska, over to oshkosh, up into scottsbluff, down and over to cheyenne wyoming, then finally down to the fc, roughly 680 miles. after a short nap in the pet friendly plaza inn hotel, i met up with s works for dinner and a beer. on sat i had one of the best breakfasts in my long history on this earth. if ever in ft collins you MUST go to lucile's. the floor staff is all female and not hard to look at so thats another plus. seems thay have some kinda boob policy there. but i regress.....

on the way down to loveland, we took a quick tour of ft collins so odus could have some open window time in the car and i could see the city. i had some time to kill so we found push and mhc. i was about to find the local vw store and have a tranny error looked at when darren called and said it was time to go to candy land. the 1st thing thats obvious about this guy is how open and friendly he is, then his passion becomes quite apperant. his facility is well put together and a picture of efficiancy. his growth plans are excellent and his story is inspirational. simply put, a good guy doin great things. i got to play on his new and very custom nomad with the pushed dhxc and very freshly pushed lyric. wow! this has no miles on it yet? my parkin lot test felt like a fully broken in bike. not long after, the missing wheel showed up in his new ride and the 3 of us jaw jacked and watched odus play. darren even gave him a pushed dog bisket. no lie. he finally ate it somewhere in nebraska on the way home buddy. thanx! with a arm full of pushed goodies, i left for larrys shop and the big action.

larry showed up after rroeder hit town and the 3 of us messed around in the shop till j dub joined us. rr mounted some new rubber while larry and i talked shop. this is another example of a good man with a dream realized. no wonder you all respect him so much. on to the ride. we had options but in the end it was decided to blow off the lowland backbone route for higher, cooler ground up in the canyon. this is good and bad. it was hotter than all get out down in the valley but "larrys special" was a major grinder. 2000' of total elevation gain from 2 1/2 miles of steepening fire road followed by 1 mile of incredibly techy hike a bike. these are not my numbers kids so dont even start. then it was about 6 more miles of super tech, ultra steep 1 track on loose rock and dirt with very good flow. there were also plenty of stream crossings to soak my sidis. this ride was a real test of the flux, my poor decision to keep the larsons and not use the fire xc's and my small lungs. i was cool with my effort up to the top but quite happy bein able to follow larry down a few of the uglyer bits without dabbing. there were far more i walked or dabbed my way through. that top section is awsome! what a treat to be shown this most excellent trail. i coud mostly keep up on the downs but was in a class by myself on the ups. ya know, the "special needs" class? larry was impressive as hell on the tech and it was a joy to watch the man at work. after the ride and late into the day, we had a beer, changed clothes and gathered odus up from his temporary home and drove to the springs at about 10pm after gettin some grub.

pics - the road in:
loaded up and ready to hit the road.
scenery on the way down.
chimeny rock outside of scottsbluff.
the Best Van Ever!
day 1's ride gang. is there someone missing? why yes! ****in loose wheel.
more to come........


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day 1

some perspective:
the arrow and circle show about were we started from. we rode from the other side of that hill up the road under the meadow.
this might, might show how steep and techy the hike a bike was. not even the hardest part by a long shot.
more perspective of the elevation gain.
larry in his other office.
larry tryin to get the bridge right, rr playin catch.
more on the way......


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its dawnin on me i dont have many shots of the other guys. sorry bout that but i was too busy tryin to breath and keep up.
larry posin.
this is where all yer cool stuff happens. inside the mhc factory.
after the suffering and the joy.
anyone for some day 2 action? commin up!


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day 2

once in colorado springs, odus and i are made to feel quite welcome in the rrrrrrrrrroeder houshold. his wife is a beauty and a hard workin, fun to talk to woman. their daughter is a total hoot! what a huge personality and a sharp mind. it couldnt have been any better folks. thanx! we took showers then had a laughin lab from a stash he got just for me before some family social time then goin to bed. way too early in the am, it was time to load up and meet the day 2 gang. despite his troubleing avitar, icegeek is a fun guy and a accomplished rider, kalin - the non mtbr guy - is a young rocket on the bike and made me laugh all day, finally theres christian the other big bike bro for this one. good to meet him as well. all but chris and i were on xc rigs and again they made us look bad. rr has some skills in the rough that allow a burner to look like a spot. all these guys are so good it was pretty easy for me to just follow their line, go as fast as i dared and survive unscathed.

todays "shuttle run" only involved roughly, i dunno, maybe 3000' of total elevation gain? so much for only 1 or 2 700' ups. somewhere they lost the memo with the fire road climb and all the short pops up n over durrin this 20 some odd mile ride on flat out amazin 1 track. this place had it all. huge stunts only christian considered seriously although k poked a finger at one. i got woosy just walkin on em much less hittin em. todays weopon was the 39lb classic rfx with big ass 2.5's, 6" of courage and a laid back cockpit, perfect for most of the stuff they threw my way. i learned form yesterday to take the climbs in smaller bits before a shorter and healthyer rest thusly avoidin the dreaded bass on the shore syndrome. it worked.

christian was a great instructor for this 1st forray into big bike land. we worked on form and lowered some tire pressure givin me a fightin chance in the scree. dont know what scree is? ok, go ride in peat gravel with a state full of rock, roots and boulders tossed in, mix the whole thing up in a big can then liberally pour it over the side of a steep, off camber mountain. dont forget the stream crossins! gettin the picture yet? it was so bad in the beginnin i went otb 3 or 4 times as the front end crabbed then stuck hard. once i was face to face with a dog sized boulder. weeee! the teachings of chris got me back on track and i was able to follow him down more of the hill as the ride went on. it blows me away the he and i were off the back through so much of this day as the xc boys simply dropped us. major skills guys! talk about flow! this place had flow to spare.

one of my proudest moments was followin ice and chris down a pretty big rock roll in. about 8 or so feet high and close to vert with a small window of error on the bottom due to a "hand" of rock stickin up just at the base. i gotta tell ya i needed to dial my head in before i rolled but once over the edge i was allready screamin how easy it was to do on this bike. there was tech after tech, big roots, logs, rock beds and the dreaded scree on off camber catwalks with death just waitin 40 to 100' below. some reminded me of a moonscape, other sections were like luge runs, others still were classic rippin xc trails. but man that was more climbin than ive ever done besides the gradual grade to porcupine or the long up on mt eldon, both easy in comparison to this. damn the big bike, it wouldnt have made that much diff. did i mention how beautiful this area is? shoulda done that from the get go.

on the way home with a 6 of lab in the back rr gave me as a parting gift, i got bad directions and spent 1 1/2 hours drivin all over the springs lookin for hwy 24 east after a fine visit with my BBI plas and a impromptu interview with a local shop. again, ive been asked to leave trail names to the locals. if they wanna discuss it, ill allow them to let the cat outta the bag like missing wheel did before. i found my flow and some cajones. i made some pals and a few good friends i hope ill stay in contact with. i saw some stuff im lucky to have seen and rode some of the best dirt there is on what i believe are 2 of the finest bikes made. color me happy.

over 1600 miles
$225 in gas
24 hours on the road
1 killer breakfast
1 excellent fathers day dinner
9 good beers
2 dogs
1 cat
1 rabbit
2 bear storys
18 hours of odus pacin and waggin his tail whinein at the cows
22 nascar haulers on the way from MIS to SPIR (or infinion if ya must)
3700' of climbin
7500' of desendin
11 new friends
7 happy and talented ridein buddys
1 also ran with a new respect for good lungs
???? breaks to catch my breath
0 pukes

pics of day 2:
the day 2 gang atop the road and ready to go. spot the tourist and win a prize! thanx for the cool duds dt! i tested them. well.
the moonscape and its scree with the mountains behind and the river below. last of the ultra tech.
christian show his stuff on a section that this pic doesnt do justice. it was walked by all but him. impressive!
on the way home we saw this. dont ask me, i drive a import.

heres some other discussion on the weekends rides:
cc out!


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Looks like Day 2 was another great ride. Always good to get the local treatment. Glad to see you got home safe.

Nice meeting you & riding with you, sorry I couldn't hang around longer but I was 2+ hours late so I figured I better move it.

Oh, and the big, metal contraption is some sort of tornado tracking armored vehicle that they try to drive into a tornado. I lived in Oklahoma long enough to think that just sounds like the beginning of a Darwin award story....

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CC- most excellent writeup, Barb and Megan enjoyed yours and odus company too so needless to say your welcome back anytime. You should throw up some shots of the stunts too if you took any, can't remember, and great job on rolling that rock slab, that thing was steep and ugly with not much of a roll out, I certainly didn't want to try it on my Burner.

I'm sure it felt like 3000ft of climbing but it actually was about half that, sorry, but the 5500ft of descending MORE than makes up for the climbing, especially with some of the techy stuff in the ride. Seems like you descend forever doesn't it, great ride.

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cactuscorn said:
think green. think bearings. think ya shoulda been there pal.
If I coulda I woulda. Lately I've had a couple irons in the fire to quote Squeak. Wasn't in the cards to join you this weekend past. A couple more weeks and I'll be more flexible so to speak.:thumbsup:
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