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Pushloc/poploc remotes the most overpriced thing ever?

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Can someone tell me why these things are so expensive/hard to find? $50-60+ for essentially a two position shifter?

Functionally, you could probably use a $30 shifter in place of them and still have the same effect. What gives?
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I just bought a $7.50 friction shifter (bar mounted) that I replaced the RS two-position switch with last night. Seems to work awesome - now have an on-the-fly infinitely adjustable from the bar compression adjustment. I'll give it some real-world testing today. I got the cheapie friction shifter from Jensen but there's also an expensive Paul's friction shifter available for like $30 if you must have name-brand.
That's a clever idea. Do they hold their position well? I'd be afraid of it loosening up.
Can't take credit for the idea, but I'll try to get some real world trail results this weekend if the weather holds. Works fine around the neighborhood but ...
I used a 15 year old thumb shifter (non indexed) and it worked great. It hold up the position very well.

The only minor negative aspect was that it was hard to select the same level of compression when I fiddled with it while riding. An indexed thumb shifter would partially solve that problem, but the difference between clicks is a bit too large. But it definitely works better than the original pop/pushloc
On today's shakeout ride, the thumbie held its position just fine. Never seemed to move once I set it. Thumbs up!
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