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I have Fox Float RL 2002 fork. Here's the headache, the 2002 model is a bit longer (1 cm) than the new models at 100mm, which affects the geometery. I notice it, steering is very weird. The bikes I own are mostly set-up for 80mm forks, but 100mm are okay, but the extra centimeter on the 2002 fork is too much. I have 2005 Fox 100mm RLC on an Intense spider and it works great. I switch it now and then with my Ibis Silk Ti which has 80mm RLC and it steers fine. My single speed has the older Fox Fork.

I can have the fork pushed and set at 80mm, though I prefer 100mm. My buddy is willing to buy it off of me, as he has a newer frame set for 100mm fork and I can purchase a REBA. The Reba reviews sound awesome.

I welcome any input/thoughts/etc!

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