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I just got my 2004 Float 130 RLC PUSHed. I was looking thru the PUSH website and could not find set-up information that discusses platform control... Any advise on how to get started to set this thing up? Which way do you turn the knob on the bottom of the fork to increase the platform?
I am riding a XR-Burner with the travel / spacers on the fork set to 100mm. Do mostly light trail / cross country riding. 190 lbs. all up. Suggestions appreciated.

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Set about 25% sag as normal with the platform off (lever fully counterclockwise to the front of the crown). Rebound adjust should be set for slow speed hits since the mid/high speed is preset internally. The curb drop test should work out well. Set the slow speed compression damping (blue dial under "lockout" lever) with minimum for maximum small bump compliance or a couple clicks in for less dive and bottom out.

Lastly, with the platform, it depends on how you're going to use it. The blue dial at the bottom of the fork is the platform theshold adjust. It's only activated when the "lockout" lever is in the "on" position, fully clockwise to the rear of the crown. When I was riding a lot and hammering most of the time, I left it on all the time at the minimum setting (a couple clicks in to stop it from honking/squeaking). This gave me a good firm ride that easy broke away on the trail. This works great for fast XC. The more platform you set, the harder it will be to break away and the more firm the ride. You may want more platform if you're just using it like a lockout for road or smooth climbing. At maximum, it's darn close to a full lockout but would still break away on big hits.

The best part of the platform is you can turn it on/off as needed. On for climbs, off for decents. On early in the ride when you're fresh, off later when you're tired and want more cush.

There are a lot of settings but don't let it become intimidatign. Just play with it and see what it does. If you're unsure about a setting, try both extremes and it should become obvious about the effect.

Good luck.
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