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Ok, since I bought my Nomad I kind of missed my old Heckler, so bought an 04 Heckler frame and building up as an air sprung light weight trail bike. I'm trying to get it down to around 27 lbs. Wishful thinking, I'm not sure. Don't worry I'm keeping the Nomad, I just wanted something a lighter for those XC days.

I had a low volume Float R shock that I bought for a previous Heckler that I never used.
So to top off this build I just sent the float to Push for a custom tune.:thumbsup: My pushed DHXC is sweet on the Nomad.

I know I have read of a few people running Pushed air shocks on their Hecklers. I just wanted to here from some, on their own experiance with Pushed air shocks on their Hecklers.

I'm just trying to get pumped up for my new build.:rockon:

Edit : I just realized I might have received a better feedback on the Santa Cruz forum.
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