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Darren, I've got to hand it to you. You build a great product. I recently upgraded my Fox AVA shock on my 5.5 Intense to a Pushed RP3. It complements perfectly the Pike I am running on the front. In addition, I went ahead and added the mono block that PUSH provides for aftermarket on the Intense frame. I was interested to see if I could really feel the difference between the stock shock and the PUSHed version. After many long & technical rides in the Saddleback Mt (Cleveland Nat'l Forest) in SoCal here's what I've noticed: the dampening seems more tuneable and thus more rideable as the terrain changes... I also love the ability to adjust compression dampening on the fly as well... e.g. the big rocks and drops on the Luge (a local favorite) don't seem so big any more. The ONLY problem I've found so far is that with this much plush suspension, one goes faster and faster.... and falls (Ugh!) are harder and harder when they come (and they will come!). So hats off to PUSH. It's a very nice upgrade to those that are looking for a superior ride... but I've finally had to break down and buy arm and leg armor!!!

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