The Push Industries ELEVENSIX shock sees some exciting new design improvements, and the Colorado company invests even more into its line of shock maintenance tools and tuning solutions for everyone from the professional mechanic to the DIY rider.

Video: Push Industries ELEVENSIX Shock and Professional Level Tools

Push Industries president Darren Murphy introduces some important new improvements to his company's ever expanding product line-up.

Push Industries Interbike 2016 Booth

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First introduced in early 2015, the popular ELEVENSIX trail shock from Push Industries is getting some key upgrades, starting with a new non-anodized black coating called MicroXD that will improve small-bump sensitivity and durability. The revised ELEVENSIX also has increased reservoir volume, which improves thermal stability. As Murphy puts it, "Lift days all day, all week? Not a problem."

Last but not least, the redesign features a new internal piston with increased port volume to improve performance for high-speed and deep impacts.

Push has also expanded its commitment to both professional and do-it-yourself shock maintenance practitioners, introducing several new maintenance tools and products, including fork seals, precision socket cap sets, Maxima fluids, SOS assembly lube for fork seals, and O rings.

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