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PUSH float or new float r

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Ok, last question on this subject (by me anyway). Upgrading my 4.5" '02 titus SB, bought a float r fork for the front and want to have better compliance with the rear shock. I currently have an '02 float rc but have found it impossible to get full travel of even close to 4.5". So.... any opinions of whether I should PUSH my old float rc or just buy a new float r. Finances dictate not spending more than $250, so an rp3 is out, as is a pushed NEW float r.

Which one will allow full travel without setting a 50% sag?

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Push your current Float. The best upgrade for the money you have. It'll be every bit as good as a new Push'd Float or stock new Float.

Just tell the guys at Push what your problem is and I'm sure they could solve it.
PUSH'ing your Float won't fix the spring rate. If you're not getting full travel, a new Float will help quite a bit. The newer versions are less progressive so will help get full travel with less sag. They are also lighter weight. You can still send it to PUSH next year when it's due for service.
Yeah, I was going to add that the new Floats have a higher volume, less progressive. But the propedal isn't adjustable, so you may not like the way it rides considering your frame, weight, etc...
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