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Push conversion on a float R- opinions please

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Took the X5 out in Wales last week and still have doubts over this DHX air rear shock.

However, I do have a Fox Float R in the garage and have been considering having it PUSHED by Tim Flooks. Have any of you people had it done and more specifically has anybody ridden one or a PUSHED RP3 for that matter and compared them to a DHX air to give me any insight as to the differences in both.

Cheers in advance
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My opinion.................

..................... I installed an 06 PUSHed RP3( setup for my weight and intended use which is trail riding )on my Saltamontes after riding it with a stock 05 Float R and like it Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better ! I have had a chance and did ride a friends bike which has a DHX Air a couple times but since the shock wasn't setup just for me it wouldn't be a fair comparison but it was okay ! It felt like it sank too much or had less mid travel support than my PUSHed RP3 which some riders may like but I don't ! I know I wouldn't trade my PUSHed RP3 for one not on my Salt anyway ! :D TIG. P.S. The new RP23 might be even better especially PUSHed !
I have had several Pushed Floats. The improvement was dramatic over stock.

I now have a non-pushed RP3 and I like it better than the Pushed Floats (more air volume=more plush). I will have it Pushed eventually, but like it just the way it is.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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