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PUSH 02 Float RL or...

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Buy a newer air shock for my heckler? The RL is not used as I have yet to use it after three years(love my 5th but @ 2lbs a bit heavy). For $150 it is a good deal, would the AVA sleeve be necessary? Let me know what the best course of action for this shock is...I would like to use it and I am willing to PUSH it if that would be the best course of action.
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It really depends on how much you want to spend and what you want to get out of it.

1. Ride what you have.

2. A new 05/06 Float R or RP3 is going to ride much better than what you have, both because it's new with a fresh charge and also because the new shocks are better designed. They are lighter than the older model Floats as well.

3. If you like the spring rate of the of your Float RL, PUSH can fix it up right. This will ride even better than a new shock but isn't going to make it more linear. AVA or the High Volume sleeve will make it more linear but adds substantially to the cost and weight.

4. A new shock from PUSH would be optimal but pricey.

If you like the spring rate, PUSH your Float RL. Otherwise, I would go with a new Float R. The ride would be better with PUSH than stock but the AVA adds too much cost and weight to do both. The AVA is about 100g more than a new 05/06 Float R or RP3. A new 05/06 Float R would ride much better than what you have and you can send it to PUSH at the next service interval.
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