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Ok, I see that pink is a popular color for bling on ladies bikes. My lady likes purple so she has purple Raceface Atlas cranks and purple platform pedals. Now I see that Dangerboy levers come anodized so I'll look to see if they make purple.
Question is, what else have you ladies found in purple to add some bling?
Bike is a Myka FSR
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my wife like purple as well. i was going to build her a bike with a bunch of purple gear, but decided to go with a purple frame and pewter accent pieces. i like the I9 stuff, but didn't want to pay the extra funds just to get purple. king make the pewter stuff and I can get it lot cheaper
Purple accents has all kinds of purple stuff for a bike and they custom engrave it.
thanks, those sites pretty much cover it...:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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