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Pulling a child trailer on a VPP bike

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I just bought a BLT and am loving every aspect of the bike, so much so that I'm selling my two horst link bikes. The VPP suspension is awesome! I plan on truly using this as a do-anything bike, including occasionally towing the kids in a trailer on fire roads. The trailer is being worked on right now (recall!) so I haven't had a chance to take it out, plus its way too cold to take the kids out for a ride. When I use to tow them on my old horst link bike, it would squat and bob like mad, even with the RP23 on propedal 3. I'm wondering if I'll have the same issue on my RP23 equipped BLT. Maybe I should've gone with the Monarch with lockout? Anyone had experience towing a child's trailer on a RP23-equipped VPP bike? How's does the suspension handle towing the trailer? Thanks!

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Where is the trailer clamped? Seatpost, skewer, something different? When my son was young, I had a kid trailer attached to the seatpost on my Superlight and it would bob like crazy. I weigh 165, I put enough air for 250 lbs. and it helped. However I was concerned about wear and tear on the pivots more. Later I bought an inexpense hardtail frame from Pricepoint, built that up with old parts for towing the trailer.
Yup, a nice old hardtail clunker makes a good towing rig - way better IMO than a full squish MTB. Plus, then I don't have to worry about locking my bike up at the park.

I've hooked our trailer (chariot 2-kid, axle mount) to my Nomad for casual trips around the hood and it works just fine. Sluggish, yes....but than again think about it - a trailer, two kids, snacks, kid stuff etc, it all adds up.

That's what I was thinking would be the case. I've got all the components needed to build up a frame, so maybe I'll get a hardtail frame around early spring. Hmmm, maybe I should look at a SC Chameleon frame after my two horst link bikes sell!

Overkill on the Chameleon frame to tow your trailer, save your dough. $80 Pricepoint hardtail frame, and problem solved.
my trailer attaches to my rear wheel and have never had any problems with my 09 superlight
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