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After months of shopping around for an "all-mountain" bike (5-6" travel), I finally decided on a Titus MotoLite. I found a great deal on a small Motolite that was used as a demo at Interbike. The price was irresistable: $2400 (for a bike that retails for $4000 with a lesser front fork). I just had to pull the trigger.

The bike still looks new. There are some scratches on the Avid brake levers and 2 nicks on the frame, but other than can't tell.


2007 MotoLite2 in anodized black w/Fox RP23 shock
Fox Talas 32 RLC fork (100/120/140mm)
DT Swiss 455 wheelset
Kenda Small Block 8 rear/Nevegal front tires
SRAM X9 trigger shifters
SRAM X9 rear der
XT front der
XT cranks
Avid Juicy 7 brakes
Maxm stem/post/bars
Maxm ti saddle

Pics attached.

I took the bike out for its first ride today. Some impressions:

* Overall weight is surprising - maybe 28 lbs
* At first the cockpit felt weird. Much more upright and "cramped' than my NRS (dinky little 90mm stem vs 120mm on the NRS). I've never had a bike that I was not stretched out while riding. But after a while I got used to the position, especially when pointing the bike down hill.
* Climbing is pretty good, but not nearly as good as the NRS. The TALAS fork in 100mm mode really helped keep the front end on the ground. I'm glad I opted for the TALAS instead of the Float (which is fixed @140mm).
* Descending is "whoopee" fun. Raising up the front to 140mm made it that much more fun. This bike is solid - no bending/twisting whatsoever. The bike has that "chiseled from a single block of stone" feel. I blasted through stuff that my NRS would quiver on.
* Even with the pro-pedal turned off on the RP23 shock, I felt little-to-no bob on the climbs.
* The Kenda Small Block 8 is a fantastic tire. It sticks to everything with low rolling resistance. The Nevegal up front was only so-so -- it looked really agressive but grip wasn't any better than the Mutano 2.4's I run on the NRS.

The NRS is still going to be ridden for races and "smoother" rides, but the Titus will now get the nod for the all-day epic rides.



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Good looking rig. I'm sure you're gonna love it. Maybe I can stay a little closer on the climbs now...haha, doubtful! Cyclejunkie had one awhile ago and loved it. He's since moved onto the whole 29er thing....but he always raved about it.

Congrats and looking forward to seeing that on the 4-way bypass.

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Congrats - I just got my ML2 before the holidays. It is a great bike! I have been equally impressed with how it rides in the 4" mode. That is an amazing price for the specs!

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Welcome to the 'Club Titus', Bro!

The more rides you put on it the more it will amaze you. For better climbing, try dropping the stem another spacer and see if that helps.
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